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Silver Heart Blog Tour - Review & Giveaway

Title:Silver Heart
 Author: Victoria Green
Release Date: July 25, 2013
Publisher: Self Published
Review Copy: Won from Justin's Book Blog
There comes a moment in everyone's life when they must decide which road leads to personal happiness. For Dylan Silver, this is that moment...

For the past twenty-two-years, Dylan has been living in her parents' carefully crafted world, always putting her own dreams on hold to play the role of a dutiful daughter.

So when her best friend coaxes her into a winter getaway to a mountain cabin, she sees it as a chance to forget about the responsibilities waiting for her at home. At least for a little while.

But then her past catches up to her--in the form of sexy snowboarder, Sawyer Carter.

Six years ago, Dylan bid goodbye to the only boy she ever truly loved. Now he's standing right in front of her, bringing up bittersweet memories and igniting suppressed desires as he dares her to be the person she has always wanted to be.

Dylan and Sawyer's unexpected meeting is a second chance, but will a girl who doesn't believe in fate and taking risks be able to overcome her fears of losing control and finally embrace the life she desperately wants?

Only one thing is certain: after a week in Whistler, Dylan's world will never be the same.

I think new adult is one is the one genre where readers have their favorite authors, and if they want to try anything new it takes a lot of high reviews or praise from fellow authors in order to convince someone to read said book. So when I say that this is one not to skip, believe me. It is definitely one that readers should add to their shelves. 

Victoria has a way of making new adult a whole new experience, while also tackling issues that many people in their twenties face. Siblings not getting along, making a name for yourself, pleasing your parents and last but not least. Falling in love.

After reading this some things will never be the same. Cherries and lime popsicles being the main two things. I will never reveal how they've been ruined, for that you will just have to endure the same agony as I.

Can someone tell me where my Sawyer is? I am starting to think he turned a wrong turn. Victoria has a way with making guys dreamy that you almost think he is right in front of you as you read, doing all the unimaginable to you.

I loved Dylan, she is a strong woman who isn't afraid to let loose. Taking the term, 'What mama doesn't know, won't kill her' literally. The transition that she goes through in this story can give one hope that you can follow your dreams. 

The story of Sawyer and Dylan is an emotional one. They're each others rock.  Memories flood back, both happy and sad that as a reader you go "What if?" By the end of the story you go from "What if?" to realizing everything happens for a reason.

Steamy scenes aside, this book is an amazing journe on that takes place on a cold Canadian mountain, and two people who discover what it truly means to be there for someone. 

". The W.e'll have to find you a sexy ski fling to occupy your time-and bed-while I'm busy with your brother."

"And the mere fact that you used the words sexy, bed and brother in the same sentence just signed that ideas death warrant."

"I don't care if he's riding in on a unicorn." I don't have any interest in meeting the guy" 

"I knew all those goats I'd sacrificed to Eros would eventually pay off. 

"You know, you don't actually need a license to bang."

"For six years, all the girls I've been with were just forgotten names and blurry faces."

"Don't think that it didn't occur to me to punch your boyfriends gut out, and then sling you over my shoulder like some caveman

"In how many more languages do I have to scream the phase: 'I'm going to die!' Before you actually believe me?"

"He met me in an alley behind the shop with the bag ready to go. I swear, getting cherries in whistler is like trying to score drugs or something."

"Thought I knew it was medically impossible, I was pretty sure I was going to due from pleasure."

"If it hadn't been for you, my entire childhood would've been devoid of all color."

"Then I guess my lifelong dream of becoming a nun is out of the question."

"The guy had a freaking PhD in Pleasure."

About the Author
Victoria Green is a New Adult author who enjoys writing about unspoken love and second chances. She’s a travel junkie and a huge photography enthusiast. Her experience growing up in a war-torn country has helped teach her the importance of living life to the fullest and appreciating every single day. She believes in true love, good chocolate, and great books. She lives in Canada with her high school sweetheart (though he’s graduated to a fiancĂ© now) and their pack of puppies, and also writes Young Adult novels under a different name.
Links: Website - Twitter - Facebook - Goodreads
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