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Bad Boy Rock Star Blog Tour - Review and Giveaway

Title: Bad Boy Rock Star
Author: Candy J. Starr
Release Date: November 18th 2013
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Review Copy: From author in exchange for honest review
Hannah Sorrento never planned to be a band manager. She’s a princess. The toughest obstacle she’s had to face is finding shoes to match her outfit.

Then her father disappears and she’s left with only the money in her purse and a contract for the management of hot, indie rock band, STORM. She plans to sell the management company, one or another, then head back to law school with her designer wardrobe and wait for this whole mess to blow over.

But lead singer, Jack Colt, has other ideas and he’s messing with Hannah’s head. Not to mention her heart.

With the help of crazy rock chick, Angie, Hannah sets the band on their first steps to the big time and learns that poor people can have a  lot of fun.

But this isn’t some game she can escape from and soon her secrets get exposed.

He’s arrogant and infuriating but he’s the one that’s there for Hannah when her world comes crashing down. With secrets of his own, will Jack Colt save Hannah or destroy her?

Ahhh. What a refreshing new adult read. Where the actual definition behind this genre is true to the story. There are minor make out scenes, but other than that, it focuses on the main plot of the book.

Hannah doesn't give off the princess vibe, which I was very happy with. Yes, you can tell she is by her designer closet and her little knowledge of living poor. But you have to give her credit for making by under such circumstances.

Oh Jack Colt, what shall I do with you? Like most rockstars, he has a past. Now his isn't bad as in drugs, or anything of that sort. But it's this past that made him start singing. And his attitude towards Hannah is of any guy who doesn't want commitment or their past to be exposed. With that being said, his protectiveness over Hannah is very romantic.

I quite enjoyed how much of Hannah's personal life is involved in this. I'd say the book is almost an equal 50/50 between the band and her life. Figuring out this mystery of what happened to her family money did really grab my attention. There is definitely more than meets the eye in this story.

The ending to this had me wanting more. I was slightly worried as I was reading that everything would be quickly organized into a perfect little package with a bow on top at the end. But I'd say it had the perfect cliffhanger, in my opinion.

If you're looking for a new adult book with the right amount of romance. Do check this out and I can't wait to read the next book.

About the Author

Candy J. Starr used to be a band manager until she realised that the band she managed was so lacking in charisma that they actually sucked the charisma out of any room they played. “Screw you,” she said, leaving them to wallow in obscurity – totally forgetting that they owed her big bucks for video equipment hire.

Candy has filmed and interviewed some big names in the rock business, and a lot of small ones. She’s seen the dirty little secrets that go on in the back rooms of band venues. She’s seen the ugly side of rock and the very pretty one.

But, of course, everything she writes is fiction.

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