Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Library and I

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Ah, the library. Where any book lover can go and feel right at home. The library and I have had a healthy relationship throughout my life, until this year. This year the library took over my reading life. While I'm so happy about all the adventures we went on, the truth is that I have a shit ton of books in my own personal library that I need to read. Also, like any other book person, you can't stop buying books, so while it's great that I've read as much as I have; I just have nothing to show for it. 

So, I've decided to not take out any library books until June. The fact is that I am in school right now anyway, so it's taking me a lot longer of a time to read a book due to having less free time. Now I am letting myself take out graphic novels, due to the time I need to read one and the fact that they're fun quick adventures. Now I might extend the time that I take from the library, but right now I need to read my own precious. If I ever feel myself wanting to get a library book, I just tell myself that the books will still be there.

Are there any habits that you have that you've been recently aware of? Let me know in the comments!
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