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Silence is Goldfish Blog Tour - Excerpt & Giveaway

Author: Annabel Pitcher
Pub. Date: May 17, 2016
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 
Format: Hardcover, eBook
Find it: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks 
My name is Tess Turner--at least, that's what I've always been told. 

I have a voice but it isn't mine. It used to say things so I'd fit in, to please my parents, to please my teachers. It used to tell the universe I was something I wasn't. It lied. 

It never occurred to me that everyone else was lying too. 

Fifteen-year-old Tess doesn't mean to become mute. When she discovers that her dad isn't her biological father, at first she's just too shocked to speak. But quickly she begins to see the benefit of silence. She can protect herself from the questions she's too afraid to ask. It frustrates the heck out of her parents. And it also gets the attention of her handsome Math teacher, Mr Holdsworth...

Tess sets out to discover the identity of her real father. But when trouble strikes and everything spirals out of control, how can she ask for help when she's forgotten how to use her voice?


The kitchen smells of burned spaghetti, proof that last night happened, there’s absolutely no denying it. Listening out for Mum and Jack, I avoid the creaky floorboards, creeping to the sink to get a glass of water. The cold tap is tricky, but I turn it on the perfect amount to get a good flow without any splash. The house is quiet. Not silent exactly, but the noise of it is so familiar it barely registers.

I listen harder, transforming the creaks and groans and pops into something strange, then force myself to look. The door to Jack’s study is open so I can see it from here, just a boring old laptop, but somewhere hidden away in the deepest, darkest part of that computer is a file called DCNETWORK BLOG containing six hundred and seventeen secret words.

And Jack typed them yesterday.

Jack typed them, and that’s a hard fact sitting in my brain giving me acid indigestion of the mind, particularly behind my right temple, which is throbbing.

Jack typed them, sitting down at his desk no doubt with a cup of coffee, putting it on the “Master of the House” coaster he bought after we saw Les Misérables in London. And wow that was such a good night, but then again, maybe not for Jack. Maybe it was this huge great big effort for him to climb to his feet during the standing ovation where we both grinned at each other, clapping until our hands stung. I elbowed him in an eloquent way, like that jab of my bone on his arm said, This is the best moment of my life. He elbowed me back to say, Mine too, but now I am wondering if actually he was trying to knock me off the balcony because, no doubt about it, he would be happier if I didn’t exist.

Jack’s slippers with the worn-down backs are still under the desk where I kicked them off when I discovered the truth. Jack’s slippers. Dad’s slippers. Dad’s old familiar slippers I used to put on whenever my feet got cold because dads and daughters can share foot sweat no problem. I will never wear them again and suddenly that seems the saddest thing of all, like my toes start to grieve, throbbing in my boots as I turn away from the study, unable to believe he wrote that blog.

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About the Author
Annabel Pitcher studied English at Oxford and has since worked as a script writer and an English teacher. She lives in Yorkshire with her husband. MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE was her first novel. She is a full-time writer.

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My Spoon Life and Special Events

I love conventions, concerts and other events that let me express my love of books, music and fandoms. It also allows me to interact with people about like subjects. But there's one thing about me that makes me different from other people who go, and that is that I have a physical disability.

Now for some able-bodied people, they think people with disabilities get all the privileges at these types of events. Well, 

So, I'm going to start with an illustration. For this analogy, we're going to use 
Spoons represent the amount of energy one has in a day. Now for most folk, they have an unlimited amount of spoons, but for someone with a disability or chronic illness, they have a limited amount of spoons in a day. For instance, let's say I have 24 spoons per day and once they're used up, I can't regenerate anymore. However, I can borrow spoons from the following day(s), but then I need to remember that the spoons are used up for those days. Everyday, I automatically spend roughly 8 spoons just for breathing. I have no use of my diaphragm, so I manually tell myself to breathe. It's not that my brain doesn't work, it's that my diaphragm doesn't register that my brain told it to work. After that, I have 16 spoons left for my day, various amounts being used for walking, working, doing daily chores etc. 

Now let's say I am going to an all weekend convention, I need to make sure I don't crash and burn at the end because that can lead to me getting sick. So throughout the days leading to, I'll save spoons by going to bed early, not go to the gym because I know about all the walking I'm going to be doing, take it easy around the house and do the minimal upkeep, make sure I'm ready for the weekend ahead of time. 

So now onto me going to conventions and concerts. First off, most people think about what they're going to wear and depending on the event, they either go for comfort or style. One downside to my disability is that I need to make sure I can breathe clothing wise and not overheat from walking or excessive moving. Then let's talk about 

Most people want comfort, but I have to think about how much walking I'm doing before anything else. My feet need proper support before comfort. 

One thing that is important to anyone is 

Ah, water, the refreshing drink that makes our bodies function like normal human beings. This is one liquid I need to make sure I have on me at all times, or else I'm not going to do well. 

One thing I need to remember when I go to these things is parking or ease of transit at the end of the day or show. Most of the time when I'm ready to go home, I'm tired and maybe have 1 or 2 spoons left to get me into my bed. So this is one thing that my disability gets priority for.

So after I figure out clothes, shoes, making sure I have water and all the other necessities for a convention, such as money, a backpack or bag, and food, i can finally go!

Now like any convention goer, I make sure I get a schedule as to whose where and when. I normally shop for items on the second or last day of the show because then I tend to have had enough time to cover the floor, see what's available and figure out what I want. Now because I've only been to local conventions, I know some of the vendors and the people who run the show, so I always like to say hi. Never in this time do I use my powers of being disabled to try and get free stuff or ask for discounts because I'm on a limited income. Not only is that not fair to the vendor, but also to other people around who see this treatment. 

Now let's talk about when I go to meet celebrities, I've met my fair share of "famous" people. I can count on one hand how many of them gave me special treatment, and the number is 0! If I'm in a crowd or group of people waiting in line, I'm never picked out and I always wait my turn to go. Also, I never point out my disability because it's 

I don't want to be "That girl whose disabled" to people. I'm Kristie and I always will be. My love for a book, band or actor doesn't stem from my disability, so I don't want that to be what the person loves about me. 

Do any of these people look like they pity me? Hell no. That'd be like me going all fangirl and freaking out because I'm talking to them. They appreciate me as a fan and I appreciate them as a person. Plain and simple.

One thing I need to always do more often than most people is to stop and sit down. Because of all the energy by walking, breathing and carrying stuff, it's good for me to stop and smell the roses once in a while. 

I guess what I'm trying to say that besides requiring and spending more energy at these types of events, it doesn't mean I get anymore special treatment than the next person. Now I'm leaving this open to discussion. Please leave in the comments and tell me what you think. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Style Cover Reveal & Author Announcement


Today we are revealing the cover for STYLE by Chelsea M. Cameron. This book is a Young Adult, contemporary romance novel. As an added bonus today, Chelsea is sharing some information about another upcoming series coming soon from her! Be sure to check out the author's note below for details.


STYLE by Chelsea M. Cameron
Releasing Soon!

Genre: YA F/F Contemporary Romance

Cover by: KassiJean


Kyle Blake likes plans. So far, they’re pretty simple: Finish her senior year of high school, head off to a good college, find a cute boyfriend, graduate, get a good job, get married, the whole heterosexual shebang. Nothing is going to stand in the way of that plan. Not even Stella Lewis.

Stella Lewis also has a plan: Finish her senior year as cheer captain, go to college, finally let herself flirt with (and maybe even date) a girl for the first time and go from there.

Fate has other plans for Kyle and Stella when they’re paired up in their AP English class and something between them ignites. It’s confusing and overwhelming and neither of them know what to do about it. One thing they do know is that their connection can’t be ignored. The timing just isn’t right.

But is there ever a good time for falling in love?

style_Full res



One family. Seven people. A whole lot of love and a whole lot of drama.

Everyone in Hope Harbor Maine knows the Benson family: six sons, one daughter. They live by one rule: Family comes first.

The Benson Brothers series will be seven books, all standalones that can be read individually, or in order (which will be announced soon).


Author’s note: I’ve been DYING to write a series all in one family. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is my favorite musical of all time and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to write seven stories all from the same family? As an only child, one of my favorite things to explore is sibling relationships. I also saw a gap in stories about working-class people in the New Adult category, which was another reason I wanted to write this. It’s also an ode to Coastal Maine, where I grew up and still live. I wanted to write books that were steeped in salt water and sweat. Books about people who work hard and love hard. I’m so excited about this series and I hope you will be too. Stay tuned for the announcement of the first book as well as the cover reveal.



Chelsea M. Cameron is a New York Times/USA Today Best Selling author from Maine. Lover of things random and ridiculous, Jane Austen/Charlotte and Emily Bronte Fangirl, red velvet cake enthusiast, obsessive tea drinker, vegetarian, former cheerleader and world's worst video gamer. When not writing, she enjoys watching infomercials, singing in the car, tweeting (this one time, she was tweeted by Neil Gaiman) and playing fetch with her cat, Sassenach. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Maine, Orono that she promptly abandoned to write about the people in her own head. More often than not, these people turn out to be just as weird as she is.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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