Sunday, 19 July 2015

Summer Blogger Promo Tour - Week #3

 This summer the blogosphere is going crazy and doing a 2 month long summer promo tour hosted by The Book Bratz. This week, I get to feature our brave and gutsy hosts and asked them what'd they
do with their book boyfriends for a day! Or in Jessica's case, book husband.

Jessica would go out with James Stark from the House of Night series! (He's not even my book boyfriend - he's my book husband. We're married and he just doesn't know it.) We'd probably go do something athletic like head to an archery practice place (do they have those?) and I'd watch him be all super hot and get all of the bulls-eyes. Then we'd go to a diner and get some Coca-cola (or, as it's referred to in the House of Night books, "brown pop") and some spaghetti, since those were some of his favorite things to eat when he was around Zoey (although she'd clearly be out of the picture at this point because he's my book husband and she'll get over it.) We'd end the night by going into a dead sleep because just like Stark, I am perfectly capable of being dead to the world when I'm sleeping. :-)

Amber would go out with Daemon from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I am not quite sure what we would do. He would probably tease me relentlessly about my love of books and blogging. Maybe he could show me some of his cool Luxen powers, and I would show him the I am sadly mortal and aren't quite as awesome as him. We would go out to dinner to some fancy restaurant of his choosing and then end the night by watching the stars. 
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