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Title: Forever Julia
Author: Jodi Carmichael
Release Date: May 1, 2015
Publisher: Great Plains Publishing
Review Copy: From publisher in exchange of honest review
Six months ago, Julia's life was perfect. Then her dad died. Now she lives with her grieving mother and sick grandmother in a puny apartment above their bookstore. After a dark bout of depression, Julia is fragile, and mourns both her father and her old life. But she has one thing to be happy about: Jeremy, the most popular boy at school, has chosen her. Jeremy's love for Julia is passionate, even obsessive. As she grows closer to Jeremy, Julia pushes her disapproving friends and family away. But Jeremy only becomes more controlling and Julia has to decide what lines cannot be crossed.

Someone should have given me a warning when starting this book. Also reading books based in your hometown can be an interesting experience. It was a rough read, I almost cried and definitely wanted to throw the book across the room a few times. When you read about high school relationships they’re either fluffy or downright ugly. I’m sad to say this one was downright ugly.

The story of Julia is a courageous one. She recently lost her dad due to cancer and now with her mother, they run a little bookshop while barely making ends meet. Julia also has the support of her eccentric friend Annika, and her “loving” boyfriend, Jeremy. The story focuses around her unhealthy relationship with Jeremy.

Truthfully, the relationship between Julia and Jeremy isn’t one that makes sense. They come from different social circles, different family backgrounds. In all reality the only connection they have is the fact that they go to the same school. I mean, I know that she tutored him and that’s how their relationship started, but I feel that it’s more of a case of Jeremy taking pity of her and what happened to her. Which, in itself is a sad thought. That’s not how a relationship works.

The flow of the story build up to the Valentine’s Day dance, but it doesn’t start off slow. We’re immediately brought into a bad situation between Julia and Jeremy. Which is rough, but also slightly eye opening. Julia and Jeremy along with some friends are going on a weekend ski trip. During this time, Jeremy makes it obvious that he wants to have sex with her. Claiming he makes her hot and that he needs her. Now after reading this, you immediately discover this is all he wants from her. Now without going into every scene as to him making a move on her. But let’s just leave it at that it happens a lot.

Now, in the synopsis we find out that her grandmother lives with her too. But that in fact doesn’t happen until about halfway through the story. The reason for her for moving in, is in fact that she herself has been diagnosed with cancer. Which is a big shock to Julia because her grandmother is healthy and is a strong woman in her eyes. Who doesn’t look up to their grandparents, I know I do.
Jeremy can be perceived as a romantic guy, but Julia isn’t the right girl for his type of romance. His violent outbursts overweigh the good moments. And as for any girl who’s madly in love, it takes a while for them to see that there’s a real problem with her relationship.

Now for how I felt considering this took place in my city. Because this isn’t a fluffy book, it was a lot harder of a book to swallow. There are times where it was good, especially when visualizing places. But with all that went on with Jeremy and Julia, it was sad because I felt like it was actually happening in front of my eyes, rather than just visualizing it in my head.

This book is a wonderful story of courage, friendship, and love. If you need a read that makes you want a slap in the face, this is a good choice of a book.
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About the Author

JODI CARMICHAEL lives in Winnipeg where she can often be found dancing in the living room with her two wildly imaginative daughters, her patient and supportive husband, and a scruffy Border Terrier named Zoe. Jodi’s previous book for young readers, Spaghetti Is NOT A Finger Food, won numerous awards and has been a multi-week Bestseller.

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