Monday, 2 February 2015

Life Update aka How Earth Girl and Midnight Thief Got Me Back Into Reading

You're probably all wondering where I've gone. Well I'm still here, I've just been busy, so to speak. I'm currently in college taking Business Administration. Where I'm basically drinking coffee 24/7. Oh and I feel like I can run the business industry.

Then there's also more of my personal matters. My depression got worse for the first time in a few years. I've been able to manage it for the longest time, but that only lasted so long. So, when I realized what was happening, I was proactive about it. Am I better? No, but I am able to manage it again.

So thank you for sticking around and I promise to get back to regular programming in the next few weeks.

Now onto bookish stuff!

We all have those books that get us out of a funk. Whether it's a favorite book that you reread, or trying something completely obscure. Well for me, it was these two books. And I have to thank it all to the plot twists!
Both books had twists that I had never seen coming. Which for once, was a nice change. Maybe if I was actually taken more notice, then I would have seen them coming, but luckily I didn't.

First I started reading Midnight Thief, but then those blasted things called finals happened and I needed to put all casual reading on hold.
I know! It was so hard to do. Then the week got worse because I got that blasted stomach bug that was going around right smack dab in the middle of finals. Adios studying! Luckily I passed all my classes in the end.

Wow, I'm really getting sidetracked here. Alright, back to the books. What initially got me wanting to read Midnight Thief was the main characters name. My younger sisters name is Kyra, so it basically reminded me of her. And she was basically all I visualized when reading the book, Then there was Tristam, which I first thought was Tristan, which had me excited for a second as that is what I want to name my first son.

What I liked about this book was you couldn't tell who was really the "bad guy". I mean, there were characters that did bad things, but you never could pin point who was really bad. This mostly had to do with the fact that the bad people within this book were all doing it for their own causes. Or as in literary terms, anti-heroes.

I've always been a lover of fantasy and I feel that this was a great addition to my fantasy series. I enjoyed the dual POV. The story flowed well. Overall no complaints. Can't wait for book 2. Where I hope Kyra finds out more about her true self.

Earth Girl! The one sci - fi book that I've wanted to read for so long and finally grabbed off my local library branch when they got it in. 

When a book presents itself as having a main character that's handicapped, I'm all over that book. While the disability or handicap is the main reason the main character does what it does, as you're reading, you tend to forget that she's handicapped. As a person with a disability, this is great, because that is what people with disabilities like to be perceived as. Normal. All we'd love is for people to forget we're disabled.

Jarra was a great main character to meet. Though she had a few whiny moments or there's times where she rambles. Good or bad, take it as it is. Then there was also times where I felt like a little miss know it all, which bugged me.

How the story progresses can feel slow at times, but there's definitely some twists that make it all worth while. I feel I can relate to Jarra when it comes to being passionate about something, you just want to devote all your time to it.

What's a sci-fi book without some romance. But because of Jarra's disability, it isn't easy for her to accept the fact that she's in love. Especially when the boy she likes, isn't even from earth. Talk about complicated. But it's safe to say love conquers all in this book.

So there we have it! I'm back in my reading groove and I hope to post more regularly again. Until next time. Happy Reading!
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