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Assured Destruction Blog Tour - Review & Giveaway

Title: Assured Destruction
Series: Assured Destruction #1
Author: Michael F. Stewart
Release Date: March 22, 2013
Publisher: Non Sequitur Press
Review Copy: From publisher in exchange of honest review
You can learn a lot about someone looking through their hard drive...

Sixteen-year-old Jan Rose knows that nothing is ever truly deleted. At least, not from the hard drives she scours to create the online identities she calls the Shadownet.

Hobby? Art form? Sad, pathetic plea to garner friendship, even virtually? Sure, Jan is guilty on all counts. Maybe she’s even addicted to it. It’s an exploration. Everyone has something to hide. The Shadownet’s hard drives are Jan’s secrets. They're stolen from her family’s computer recycling business Assured Destruction. If the police found out, Jan’s family would lose its livelihood.

When the real people behind Shadownet’s hard drives endure vicious cyber attacks, Jan realizes she is responsible. She doesn’t know who is targeting these people or why but as her life collapses Jan must use all her tech savvy to bring the perpetrators to justice before she becomes the next victim.
I'd be lying if I thought the book and I weren't going to be friends at first. But ya know how it goes, sometimes you just have to warm up to them. I'm happy to say that in the end, I truly enjoyed this one.

You know how your mom keeps warning you on be careful what you put on the internet? This book right here is a prime example of what can go wrong. Except I don't take peoples lives and make a new identity of them online. Okay, so maybe it's a little extreme of an example, but you get where I'm going with this.

Jan is techy and me? Well, only to a point. Which is where I got confused was scratching my head more than once. But once you get the basics down, you're set and can focus on the plot and other factors pertaining to the story.

The whole mystery of whose attacking the people on Shadownet was 1 part geeky and 1 part scary but totally awesome all at the same time. Unfortunately, Jan quickly realized she was alone because no one would believe her. And the fact of what she does, wouldn't exactly help her case.

I want to briefly talk about Jan's mom and how Michael won brownie points in my book. Her Mom has MS and is in a wheelchair. In the YA world, there aren't enough diverse characters, let alone parents that aren't "perfect". So YAY for Jan's mom!

I'm a bit of a sucker for nerdy love and this one definitely has it. It's not screaming at you, but it's subtly there. In a way, it ties into the growth of Jan. She starts to discover herself and discovery what really matters.

This book can gear towards many people. Whether you're techy, into mysteries or whatever. I can't wait to read the next one and watch out for it down the road.

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About the Author
After crewing ships in the Antarctic and the Baltic Sea and some fun in venture capital, Michael anchored himself (happily) to a marriage and a boatload of kids. Now he injects his adventurous spirit into his writing with brief respites for research into the jungles of Sumatra and Guatemala, the ruins of Egypt and Tik’al, paddling the Zambezi and diving whatever cave or ocean reef will have him. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers and SF Canada, and the author of the Assured Destruction series, 24 Bones, The Sand Dragon, Hurakan, Ruination and several award winning graphic novels for young adults. His most recent project, The Terminals, has been optioned for television by Sudden Storm Entertainment.

Michael lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and four daughters. He tries very hard to keep life an adventure both on and off the page. Please come find me on Goodreads.
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