Monday, 10 February 2014

Musical Monday #21

Courage My Love is one of those bands that I discovered through twitter way back in the day. Actually, they followed me first. They were still babies back then! They've come so far and have an amazing 2014 ahead.

I want to personally congratulate them on their JUNO nomination. I hope to be able to see them while they're in Winnipeg for this fantastic awards show. For those who don't know what the JUNOs are, it's basically the Canadian Grammys. Then this summer they'll be on the road for WARPED TOUR! Mega congrats on doing the full tour this year.

Sadly, they haven't done a Western Canada tour, but I'm so proud to see where these guys have come. You have an amazing journey ahead and I hope that I'll soon be able to see you in concert.

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