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Azure Blog Tour - Review & Giveaway

Title: Azure
Author: Chrystalla Thoma
Release date: September 2nd, 2013
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal
Review Copy: From author in exchange for honest review
 A terrible mistake haunts college student Olivia Spencer. To escape the past, she travels to the Mediterranean island of Crete, hoping for the courage to start anew.

By the sea, she meets sexy and enigmatic Kai. But there’s more to Kai than meets the eye — and nobody wants to talk about it. The locals shun him, accusing him of magic. Kai, apparently, belongs to the sea, no matter how crazy that sounds.

Kai isn’t free to be with her or live his own life, and this is how he will stay, unless Olivia can break his curse and save him — in doing so atoning for those she failed in the past.

I really didn't know what to expect when I started this book. What really attracted me to this book was the whole trip to Crete. It's not often in NA do you see books that take place in the Mediterranean.

I liked how the book started out with Olivia (Liv) throwing her ring out into the water. It really grabbed me in. Also, in this opening scene we are immediately introduced to the sexy Kai.

This book was very different from your typical mermaid book. For one, it more so implies it by saying that Kai is drawn to the sea. Also by the fact that it's considered a curse for him.

The connection that Kai and Liv have is sort of intalove. This book takes place over a two week period and by the second half of the book, they're sleeping together. Most of the time, I'd be like "Wow! Slow down.", but in fact that it's one of those 'I may never see you again' it kind of made sense.

Now, onto the whole "curse" that Kai has on him. I really can't say much about this without giving away the details. But I will say that it's not a black and white situation.

My only criticism is the POV it was written in. I think it would have been even better in the 1st POV. But when you read it, you realize that Liv and her friends don't talk english. In fact, they talk in German to each other. SO, with that being said, I take back my note...kinda.

It's a great read and I'd recommend it to those who want a new beach read or if you're like me want to imagine they're at the beach and not the middle of winter. Then this book is for you. Hey, you never know, you may start hearing the ocean call for you.

About the Author
Greek Cypriot with a penchant for dark myths and good food. Chrystalla Thoma has proven her tendency to settle down anywhere but at home by having lived and studied in France, England, Germany and Costa Rica, before returning to Cyprus two years ago.

Chrystalla likes to write about fantastical creatures, crazy adventures, and family bonds. She lives in Cyprus with her husband and her vast herds of books. She's currently working on a few novels, including a vampire novel set in Cyprus, an epic fantasy trilogy, and a YA science fiction series.

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