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In Harmony Tour - Review & Favorite Quotes & Giveaway

Title: In Harmony
Series: Fenbrook Academy #2
Author: Helena Newbury
Pages: 400
Release Date: Sept 19, 2013
Publisher: Foster & Black New Adult
Review Copy: From publisher in exchange for an honest review

Everyone expects her to succeed….
Karen plays the cello like an angel, and it’s the only thing that makes her truly feel alive. But her father’s dream—for her to join a prestigious orchestra—leaves no time in her life for anything but music…not even love. Trapped on her path, she doesn’t know how to rebel.

Everyone expects him to fail….
Connor plays rock guitar like the devil himself, and his ability has got him all the way from a dead-end life in Belfast to a scholarship at Fenbrook Academy. But beneath his arrogance and charm, he doesn’t believe he has what it takes. He’s spent his time in New York drinking and partying, and the only future he sees is a return to Ireland as soon as he flunks out.

But what no one expects….
When Karen’s duet partner is injured, the bad boy guitarist and the shy, sheltered cellist are forced to team up. Neither likes the idea, but what begins as anger and distrust slowly spirals into love…and lust. If they can face up to their feelings, they might just have a chance together. If Connor will allow Karen to stop his fall, maybe he can show her a life she never thought possible....
I loved the idea of a classical music student trying to make it to the big leagues. However, I felt the amount of sex in this novel took away from the story. 
We have Karen who is a wonderful cellist and that is what her life revolves around. Partly her, but partly due to the fact of the pressure she gets from her dad. This book is her breaking out of that shell and seeing where her heart will take her.
What I liked about the book was that Kare became understanding of Connor and his ways. Their relationship is almost built on what happens when you walk a day in each others shoes. Yes, there is that attraction that they have for each other that makes you want to smack them because neither of them balls up and admit it.

Let's talk about Karen's friends. I think that this is where I felt it got too much on the "sex" topic. Her 3 best friends all have some sexual situation going on. Not a bad thing, but I felt it lost its "new adultness" to it. 

Based off of the synopsis you can see where it goes. Yes, there are a few plot twists in it. But overall semi predictable new adult story.

"I'd been used to musicians-we let the playing do the talking."

"I prefer my Lord of the Rings analogy. The dancers are clearly the elves. "...the actors are obviously the humans." "And the musicians?...we're the dwarves."

"Connor was the exception. He was a human living amongst the dwarves, causing chaos."

"The smell of coffee caught her nostrils and they twitched like a rabbit's "...and then we decided to get married, so we're moving to Mexico,""

"I wasn't was you'd call experienced, when it came to men and sex. In fact, you know that thing where you're the exact opposite of experienced? I was that."

"The third is that all the cocktails are named after movies, and they range from the fairly safe to the I-no-longer-remember-my-own-name."

"He has an Irish accent, you idiot. Anything sounds good."

""No, more Irish. There's no 'u', or 'g' or 'h'. And make it more mournful, like you're a kid who's lost his pocket money and can't buy any chips.""

 "Natasha shook her head. "you need to get with the program and get yourself a Kindle. Easier to read with the lights out.""

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