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Dark Migration Blog Tour - Review & Top 5 List

Title: Dark Migration 
Author: Sandra R Campbell 
Release Date: August 2013 
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Horror, New Adult
Review Copy: From author in exchange for honest review
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Seanna Raines is on a journey of self-discovery. Only her search does not include college applications or finding a cool summer job. After killing Samuel Bolvayne, the ‘man’ she fears and loves, Seanna is not looking for who she is, but rather what she will become.
Samuel spent countless lifetimes trying to forge a companion like himself, but his previous attempts were considered failures. Until Seanna. She is his first true success… and his ultimate undoing. Now, without Samuel to guide her, Seanna is lost. To survive, she needs to find out what her transformation means: super strength, the ability to smell human emotions, and an ever-increasing need to devour human souls. Seanna travels to Samuel’s earthly homeland, along the coast of South Africa, in search of answers. Here, she encounters several of his failed experiments, who claim to know the truth. These abominations lead her into a sinister world of chaos and destruction, where the birthplace of evil is revealed.

Seanna clings to the last piece of her humanity while struggling to accept her feelings for Samuel and what she has done to him. Just as Seanna embraces her fate, she is forced to choose between life as an immortal with the one she loves or sacrifice it all to save a world that does not deserve saving.

This was one creepy read. It took the whole thing of being immortal to a new level.

I will admit that I was slightly confused when I started this book. Now, there is a book that comes before this one called Butterfly Harvest. Now is it necessary to read before this book? No. Do I wish I had read this before Dark Migration? Maybe.

Now, there are 2 main common themes I've come across when reading books about immortality.
1) Self discovery
2) Strong, mostly unhealthy relationship between person whose made immortal and their "creator"

If I'm being honest, I am having a hard time writing this review. It was a good book. But I am just weirded out. I think I may need to reread to fully grasp it.

What's creeped me out the most is the 'soul eating'. Like can you imagine being damned to live forever and in order to survive, you needed to eat peoples souls? Like eww!

Overall, great read for halloween. Sandra did an awesome job and I would read more of her books.

About the Author
Sandra R. Campbell lives along the tranquil waters of the Chesapeake Bay with her new husband and weight challenged cat. She can trace her passion for the macabre back to reading Edgar Allen Poe as a child, with her pet crow, Big Fellow, by her side. She has since submerged herself in a wide range of dark literature. An avid thrill seeker, Sandra is always looking for her next big adrenaline rush, and when spelunking, climbing, diving and monster hunting fails to deliver, she turns to the creation of through-the-rabbit-hole worlds and sends her characters on their own adventures. Her first NA paranormal thriller, Butterfly Harvest, was published in September 2010. Sandra also writes children’s stories, is an active member of the Maryland Writers’ Association and the head of a MWA critique group.
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Top relatable characters:

For me the most relatable characters are the monsters. But I don’t just relate to monsters, I have a passion for creating them in my writing. Ever since my mother allowed me to stay up late to watch Salem’s Lot, my very first horror movie, I’ve been a loyal fan of the beast lurking in the shadows. Great novels like Beowulf and Frankenstein engraved these unloved and misunderstood creatures into my heart. I will always root for the underdog and support the ugly creature cornered by the angry, prejudiced mob. Almost every monster is based on primitive human qualities, capable of rational thought and outbursts of emotion, but they are all shunned universally for their horrible appearance or nasty eating habits. One of my favorite authors, Clive Barker, is the master at creating frightening abominations with very human wants and needs. But these are not the only characters I can relate to. I also love the fighter, the girl that won’t back down. Characters like, Candy Quackenbush in Clive Barker’s YA Abarat series, or Scout in, To Kill A Mockingbird, and even in more recent novels like, Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games series. These are strong female characters that forego what society expects of them to fight tooth and nail for what they truly believe is right. This must be why the ‘fighters’ in my novels always team-up with the deadliest of creatures.

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