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The Wild Wood Blog Tour Review and Giveaway

Title: The Wild Wood
Author: Julie Anne Nelson
Pages: 283
Publisher:  Young Mountain Publishing
Release Date: June 29, 2012

In the town of Dunlowe, being different can be deadly. No one knows this better than the seven girls born on the exact same day, at the exact same time. From birth, they've been feared, judged, and controlled. And yet, still loved by their families. Still hoping for a future. Still believing that acceptance would one day come. As their seventeenth birthday approaches, events occur that leave Cecily Daye and the other girls grasping with the possibility that their oppressors might have been right about them all along. Maybe they are as evil as the town has believed. But without an answer, they must make a choice when the town turns on them: to die or to run to the one place no person would follow—they must enter The Wild Wood.

Every once in a while, there comes a book where you get lost in a world. This is what happened with me and this book.

What starts out as Cecily stealing a kiss when she shouldn't have, turns into Cecily and her six sisters running from the ones they loves and heading into the forbidden forest running for their life.

Julie has this awesome creepy world building factor to the story. When I was immersed into the woods with the girls, I was slightly scared for my life. It gives off a horror movie vibe, with creepy snakes and evil goats. Yes, you heard me right, evil goats. Which to my relief Cecily kills with her powers.

When the girls meet the people that live in the forest, they soon discover who they truly are and what their mission is. I really give the girls credit for taking it as well as they did. Based on their personalities they reacted in their own way, but there was no extreme bitch fest. I mean, its not everyday you discover you're a reincarnation of a ruler and thrown into a war.

What I loved was how the girls helped each other. Cecily being the directing force and the other six being a magnifying glass of sorts. There was no insta-love when it came to the girls meeting the main men in the forest, in fact it was more of an insta-hate. These reasons being extremely understandable, as the men both had blood of death on their hands. But without spoiling the story, you learn that sometimes you need to not be quick to judge based on ones past.

I loved Cecily. She's a character that I quickly loved and admired for what she goes through and sacrifices. You don't learn too much about the other six, other than what their main strengths are. This is a great beginning to an awesome series and I cannot wait to read more about the sevens journey as they go into The Downs.

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Julie has graciously given a $10 Amazon gift card and a signed copy The Wild Wood up for grabs.
Note This is one prize pack. Winner gets both the gift card and book.

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