Saturday, 28 September 2013

That's Too Much - Ebook Prices

When I thought of post title I clearly thought of the game from Price Is Right.

So, I was talking to my friend who has a kindle and she says that $10 is too much for an ebook.

This got me thinking on how I decide on when to get it as an ebook vs physical copy.  A few things run through my head when I get a book. List not in particular order.

A) Will I know someone who may want to read it?
B) Is it in paperback?
C) Is it cheaper on Kobo or Kindle?
D) Am I having cover lust?
E) Or, am I best to just borrow from libary.

Now, this brings up the argument; if the book is out in paperback then I guess that is a fair judgement to say that $10 for the ebook is too much. Mostly due to the fact is how much a paperback copy is most of the time.

For example:
Die for Me by Amy Plum (Wonderful book by the way)
Released May 2, 2011 (ebook) March 26, 2012 (paperback)

 As you can see both are the same price. Now, is that fair? It depends. If you got it as an ebook when it first came out. Then yes, because the hardcover copy was $20 as a new release.

The average price of a new release Young Adult hardcover is $20 and an Adult book is usually a bit more approx between $25 and $30. Then the ebook edition on release day is an average between 40 and 50% cheaper.
For Example:
Song of Fire and Ice Series by George R. R. Martin - Oct 29, 2013
Paperback Boxset $59.95 Ebook Set $39.99

 It's safe to say that is a great deal. So, for my lovely readers. When do you go "That's too much" when it comes to an ebook? What do you factor in when deciding which format to purchase?

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