Monday, 2 September 2013

Musical Monday #7

Inspiration - Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments

So today i am going to talk about that thing called the "Friend Zone". 
I was recently re-reading The Mortal Instruments Series, specifically City of Bones and I was thinking holy smokes Clary you must be either stupid or blind not to realize that your best friend Simon is completely in love with you and yet you keep him firmly entrenched in the friend zone. This whole concept of the friend zone got me thinking about the song "B-Team" By Marianas Trench (Canadian artists FTW). The lyrics of this song totally fit Simon and Clary's relationship in CoB. "you never say yes, not quite no, say just enough to make me not go" and "you know you know you love the way I linger, you keep me wrapped right round your finger" definately describes their relationship before Jace (*Swoons*) comes into the picture. "I saw you first, do you remember?" and "you like to make me beg yes you like it you like to make me beg you do" totally describes how Simon acts when Jace comes into the picture. 

Basically the whole song fits them to a T.
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