Monday, 19 August 2013

Musical Monday #5

Musical Monday is a weekly feature I started to showcase a song book related or otherwise.

Song: Too Much to Handle by ByStarlight feat. Anami Vice
Inspiration: Jude Ryder from Crash Trilogy

I was listening to the song “too much to handle” by Canadian pop/rock group ByStarlight which features Canadian rapper Anami Vice and I realized that it describes Jude Ryder from Nicole Williams “Crash” series.
Like most males *cough* all *cough* in the NA or YA genre Jude is damaged, has anger issues, and is an enigma wrapped up in a sexy package (I could rant about this for a long time but I won’t). Jude tries to push Lucy away because wherever Jude goes trouble/drama follows hence why the line “you you don’t you don’t need this drama, I’m too much to handle” from the song suits his character. 

In the rap break in the song Anami says "So here's the low in no particular order, I love her, I'm trouble, liable to fucking her over. So when I say, Too Much To Handle, I'm not just being cold, I just know myself and I know how the story goes..." this section of the song describes the relationship between Jude and Lucy from his point of view. He knows he is trouble and he does legitimately love Lucy (tee hee hee), but he is constanty trying to push her away or is screwing up by being a jelous ass hat at times. 

Tiny Hulk out!!
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