Monday, 22 July 2013

Musical Monday #3

Song: Fire Starter - Demi Lovato
Inspiration: Tris from Divergent
So Kristie is the one who is to thank for my obsession with Divergent (bitch!!!) (K HEY! You love me for it!) as well as introducing me to Demi Lovato’s new album “Demi”. (K - It's not the only music I got you hooked on that you love ;) *Evil laugh*)
Here’s the thing, I actually wasn't a big fan of Demi until this album. So when Kristie gave me the album she told me to listen to, I was a bit hesitant. 
Since I liked Heart Attack, she told me to listen to Fire Starter and to tell her what and who it reminded me of. I was confused when I started listening to the song but once I got to the line “I’m a bad ass jumping off a moving train” it hit me! Tris from Divergent. This whole song describes her perfectly!
“I’m a Jane Bond putting all them guys to shame” Reminded me of when she completely kicks ass during the Dauntless initiation because everyone underestimated her.
“I might look all innocent, but the embers are burning inside of me” because Tris is from Abignation everyone thinks she is also innocent. In the end, everything that people put her down for, inevitably makes her stronger.    
Kowabunga dude!!!!!
Ps. Kristie and I can't wait for this movie!
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