Monday, 8 July 2013

Musical Monday #2

Song - Tyga - Rack City
Book Reference - Black City by Elizabeth Richards
*Warning - There is mature language in the lyrics below*
You might think I'm crazy on why I picked this song, but hear me out. So, I bought Black City around the first time I heard Rack City and the song was in my head so I changed the lyrics from “Rack City bitch rack rack city bitch” to “Black City bitch Black Black City bitch” I thought it was super witty so I tweeted Elizabeth Richards the following @thredpenofdoom black city bitch black black city bitch” and her response was “@JuliaShaw Awesome! I hope you enjoy it. And I am always singing that song when I see the book title, lol” Hence why that song makes me think of Black City and I end up singing it whenever I see the book.

---Tiny Hulk
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