Friday, 21 June 2013

Introducing Julia!

Hey there internet peoples!

I am Julia and I am one of Kristie’s besties!!!! I am tiny (under five feet!) and am frequently called Tiny Hulk as I am known to throw things (specifically my books and Kindle if they make me angry). I am a total bibliophile and have bookshelves double stacked and books all over my floor. (Totally bothers Kristie's OCD, but don't tell her I told you)

My taste in music is rather hipster at times but totally top 40 at others....hmmmm I guess that’s all you really need to know. I will be doing regular posts on Music Monday and also the odd review here and there.

P.S don’t worry I haven’t actually thrown my kindle...although I have been very tempted to.

Tiny Hulk out! 

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