Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blog Re-Design and Giveaway

So, I think you guys can tell, the blog is a little more brighter now.
From the beginning of this blog, I had an idea of what I wanted the blog to look like, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it without some help. So I decided to get my friend, Evie from Bookish to help with this project. Evie is a YA blogger, who also does custom blog designs on the side.

When I pictured the design, I always to incoperate my love for music and books into one. So, Evie and I communicated back and for and this what we came up with! I love it and I thank Evie for being able to put all my ideas together and still have them work coheisevely.

I have invited my friend, Julia (who will go by the name Tiny Hulk) to help with the blog too. She will do the odd review here and there. Then when its books that we both like, we will either make a vlog together or co-write posts.

I have decided to start my own new weekly feature called Music Mondays, to feature music that
A) I love.
B) That is book related in some sort.
C) Just makes me want to...DANCE!
I will be starting this feature on Monday *looks at calendar* June 24th. Which I am warning you now, may be a Swift song as I'm seeing her on Saturday.

Heads Up! On Monday I am seeing Halestorm, so prepare for a post on that on Tuesday!

Now that I'm feeling the love of the blog, I am going to start posting regularly and doing weekly features such as Waiting on Wednesday and Stacking the Shelves.

Onto the fun stuff! So in honor of this change I have decided to do a giveaway. For my lovely people I have a giveaway for you guys to enter. If you're from Canada, enter to win some iTunes music. Then for my International followers, you can win a book from Book Depository. Enter in the form below.

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