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Cover Reveal and Giveaway! A Tale of Two Centuries


Glaring sunlight permeates the thin veil of my eyelids. Even though it is noonday, the light is exceptionally bright, at least in comparison to the shelter of the tent. I shield my brow with a curved hand and force my protesting eyes open…then at the sight before me, promptly shut them again.

Sounds become crisper in the darkness. Rumbles, shrieks, wails, and hums. Unfamiliar chirps and impossible beeps. Piecing together my tattered, wilting courage, I take another peek and find nothing is as it should be.

Where my palazzo usually sits is an enormous structure with golden doors and red columns, a metallic roof, and a massive mounted dragon. A pair of terrifying, sculpted beasts guards the entrance. The ground is no longer one of cracked stone or even the damp earth of my garden, but assorted gray blocks etched with handprints, slipper prints, and a series of strange markings.
I stare at the mysterious shapes on the stone before me and gasp as they all at once become clear: Harry Potter, 7-9-07. Rupert Grint. Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson.
While a few of the letters are different than I am used to, it is as if my mind is faster than I, readily making sense of it all. Stooping to see the words closer, I place my hands in the indentations below the word Emma and marvel at the fit.
I twist my neck around, hands still pressed into the cool hollows, wanting to share the astonishing news with Reyna. But she and the tent are gone. In their place, an overwhelming crowd in varying degrees of scandalous dress swarms the square, each costume more shocking than the last.
Exposed ankles, exposed legs, exposed stomachs
I avert my eyes heavenward, twin flames of heat burning up my throat and into my hairline. Clutching the note, I press my hands against my knees and prepare to stand. The rough texture beneath my palms causes me to freeze.
A horrible, unimaginable truth tries to be acknowledged, and I reluctantly run my hands along my thighs, hoping, praying my fingers will brush against the soft, cool silk of my surcoat. But when they follow the curve of my lap and meet in the middle, mortification demands a glance down.
Gentleman’s trousers!

Want to read more? Then read 
A Tale of Two Centuries 
(My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century #2)

Alessandra D’Angeli is in need of an adventure. Tired of her sixteenth-century life in Italy and homesick for her time-traveling cousin, Cat, who visited her for a magical week and dazzled her with tales of the future, Alessandra is lost. Until the stars hear her plea.
One mystical spell later, Alessandra appears on Cat’s Beverly Hills doorstep five hundred years in the future. Surrounded by confusing gadgets, scary transportation, and scandalous clothing, Less is hesitant to live the life of a twenty-first century teen…until she meets the infuriating—and infuriatingly handsome—surfer Austin Michaels. Austin challenges everything she believes in…and introduces her to a world filled with possibility.
With the clock ticking, Less knows she must live every moment of her modern life while she still can. But how will she return to the drab life of her past when the future is what holds everything she’s come to love?

About the Author

As a teen, Rachel Harris threw raging parties that shook her parents’ walls and created embarrassing fodder for future YA novels. As an adult, she reads and writes obsessively, rehashes said embarrassing fodder, and dreams up characters who become her own grown up version of imaginary friends.
When she's not typing furiously or flipping pages in an enthralling romance, you can find her homeschooling her two beautiful princesses, hanging out with her amazing husband, or taking a hot bubble bath…next to a pile of chocolate. A Tale of Two Centuries is her second novel.


Entangled Publishing is giving away a print (US only) and an ecopy (INT) of 
Rachel Harris's A Tale of Two Centuries. If you like Historical Fiction and Time Travel books, then this series is for you.
 Just fill out the rafflecopter below.
Good Luck!!!

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Series I'd Like To Start But Haven't Yet

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This meme was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list complete with one of our bloggers’ answers. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND post a comment on our post with a link to your Top Ten Tuesday post to share with us and all those who are participating. If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment.

I'm happy to finally be starting this weekly meme! Although, I will admit right off the bat that I may not do all of them. But I would like to over the summer break get on a routine. Let's see how long that lasts.... 

Anyway! Here is my list of  Top Ten Series I'd Like To Start But Haven't Yet. Actually this weeks feature and March 19th posts are going to be fairly similar. It will be a lot of "I started reading them from the library, fell in love, so now I have the first one, but that's as far as I got." Please don't kill me...

Daughter of Smoke and Bone
I was just hooked from the start. My head was a little confused so I just decided to leave it for now. 

 The Chemical Garden Trilogy
Based off the synopsis it reminded me of The Handmaid's Tale.
However now, I'm honestly waiting a while to read this because I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
Stupid chapter 24. *Sends death glares to Lauren*

Well, I started reading Jennifer's other YA series and loved it.
So, now all I need to do is pick this one up too.

 The Inheritance Cycle
Two words; Late Bloomer

Fallen Series  
 Its waiting to be read on my kobo. I promise to get to it soon.

  Iron Fey Series
What is it with authors making fun of Canada?! Seriously, that was what hooked me to the series.

 Soul Screamer
In my defense I am purchasing this series in the volumes as they're released. Gotta love discovering a series is cheaper in bundles than individually.

The Infernal Devices
Right...my excuse for this one. Uhh...Wasn't into steampunk?

The Mortal Instruments
My plan last year was to read this whole series over the summer. As you can tell that didn't happen.

Werewolves with attitude! 

Right, now is the time I run for my life, eh? Thought so *runs*
Comment on what series you haven't read it. I promise to not come running at you with my wand.

The Liberator Cover Reveal

I think its safe to say we all fell in love with Dante the moment we heard about The Collector last year, I know I did back in July of last year. I mean who can resist the bad boy. ;)

Now, the first book in the Dante Walker trilogy, The Collector comes out on April 2nd. But for those of you who are anxiously awaiting what handsome bad boy is up to, don't fret for the next book comes out September 3! Yay for not having to wait forever and having horrid withdrawal symptoms!!!!

Whose ready to see this awesome cover?????? Dante, you ready to show yourself?


Oh! Nice of you to show!

Everyone say hello to the cover of The Liberator!!!!!!

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What do you think of the cover? Leave your comments below!
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